Introducing our Featured Partners.

From time to time, RateMyREI may partner with businesses in the REI industry, that focus on helping you improve your business. We only promote businesses that we can vouch for or have experience with.

Find more motivated sellers online through PPC and SEO.

If you’d like to ramp up your online marketing game and find more motivated sellers online, Adwords Nerds is the company to help you. What makes them unique is that they specialize and focus solely on serving REIs. They’ve been in business for years, and bring tons of experience to each client (like knowing what seasons are more competitive than others, or what cities demand a higher cost for PPC). Results can never be guaranteed in marketing, but they have a proven track record of helping many past REIs get more deals online.

They’re offering a FREE strategy session, where they’ll hear about your company, your current situation, and more, and give some free information on marketing strategy with you.

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