Build credibility and gain more reviews by linking to your listing.

If you’re proud of your ratings and reviews, you can link to your Business Listing page. By doing this, visitors to your website can click over and see your positive reviews. It can help build trust and credibility to your business.

To link to your Rating Page:

  1. Under “My Account”, click “My Listings“.
  2. Click the name of the listing you want to link to.
  3. Once on your business’ page, copy the URL (the link) in your browser.
  4. Paste that link anywhere on your website.


  • Use a bold heading that says “View My Rating on RateMyREI” or “5 Star Rating on RateMyREI”, and link that heading to your page.
  • Use the badge we provide below and link that image to your page.

Free Badge

Feel free to use this free badge on your website, and link it to your Business’ rating page.

To use:

  1. Right-click, and click “save image as”.
  2. Name the file, and click “save”.
  3. Upload the image to your site, placing it wherever you want.
  4. Link to your Business Rating Page.

RateMyREI Badge