RateMyREI is now accepting guest articles from qualified investors.

However, we ask that you first read the rules and guidelines:

Guest Submission Guidelines


  • Articles must be geared to one of these audiences: 1) REIs, or 2) Home Sellers
  • Articles must provide high-quality advice, insight, or helpful tips. In other words, if the article isn’t giving some really high-quality information or actionable advice, it’s never going to see the light of day (err… this blog).
  • Special preference given to articles written about 1) finding ethical buyers (what to look for, what to ask, how to interview a prospective buyer) or 2) how to be a better, more loving and ethical investor.


  • Minimum 400 words.
  • Original. As in, not posted anywhere else. If we find it is, we’ll remove it.
  • Written by you. No plagiarism or ghostwriting.


Sound like you? Let us know!


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